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Whither Batman, Emerge Triple Threat Tony

She had me from “Batman”.

Triple Threat Tony has had other names, depicted above in Santa Fe

Meet Acorn’s newest intern, shown above in Santa Fe

It is intriguing to observe the cultural differences between the communes and New York City.  On the last Point A trip, Acorn’s newest intern (who back then was called Batman) introduced herself a few dozen times over the trip.  No one blinked.

It was as though they had had dozens of people call themselves Batman before.  Knowing there must be some revealing or at least interesting story, none of them thought it would be appropriate to ask for it.  While on the communes, this introduction reliably drives the next part of the conversation.

But the origin of Batman was problematic, it hailed from a romantic partner who was no longer in the picture.  So I suggested a naming party, and she embraced the possibility.  She wanted a dual purpose new name.  One which could embrace the exotic strangeness and quirky freedom which the communes could offer, while also having a more mundane nickname version which she could answer the business phones with.  Nickelodeon could become Nick, for example.  Prof Pocket could become Po.  She, having a traditionally feminine given name, also wanted something which sounded masculine.

We are nto going this way

We are not going this way

But Batman was a cool name and some communards were reluctant to give it up.  Strandbeest in particular wanted to contribute by keeping the old name with a new origin story.  When Batman challenged “What will I say when people ask about my name?” Strandbeest (who is now called Jayne – along with a half dozen other things – after the Firefly character, who is apparently both stupid and mean) countered “Because I am the hero Gotham deserves”.  Which in the early moments of last night’s naming party was pretty compelling and almost derailed the entire event.

There were a few other attempts at new origin stories to rescue the old cool name from the ash bin of history, but it was not to be.  Our vivacious new intern had fully embraced the idea that a new name was an opportunity and was compelled by the daring prospect of having a group of friends rename her from the very long list of possibilities.


She had lots of options

She did of course whittle down this list.  She was not going to be called Styrofoam, or Lasersnake or Ronald Raygun.  Though to her credit she was willing to consider Styrofoam if there was a clever Babylon acceptable nickname which was spawned.   But despite our best efforts none was revealed.


The group decided that a tie would make me more official

Acorn does not do naming parties like Twin Oaks does.  We don’t name our cars or our buildings generally.  Names appear comically or organically or mysteriously without explanation.  The event was well attended, perhaps because of it’s novelty but more likely because she is an unusually well-liked new addition to our colorful hyper-family.

Surveying all she can see

Surveying all she can see

Besides the attempted new origin story, we also tried some new things at the naming party.  It is not uncommon for us to reduce the list of names thru a number of binding polls.  The first is usually that you have 5 up votes and 3 down votes.  As an experiment after we had done a couple of elimination rounds, we did a non-binding round with three negative votes and single positive one – just to see what people were grumpy about. The least favorites were the more bland options, such as Dylan and Neil.


The revised list

In the end, we choose “Triple Threat Tony”, in part because this was a name that she herself quite liked.  It satisfied the male identification aspect with Tony.  It has the option of endless entertaining sub-names (I am calling her Triple Threat, others have compressed to just “Trip” or “Tone”).  She will still answer to Batman, which some Acorners are unwilling to part with (perhaps this will lead to her name drifting into free fall).

And despite the name change, for me she will always be hero that Gotham needs.


5th Anniversary – 3 Hopeful Posts

WordPress has an internal trophy case where it shows you things like the number of posts you have put up (over 1200 in this case), the number of people who subscribe to your blog (currently about 100 thru WordPress specifically) and the anniversary of your blog- which apparently is 5 years right about now.  It does not give me trophies for the number I seem to care about most, which is total page views.  In the next month I am going to hit 500,000 – which pleases me muchly.

it is all about the traffic

It is all about the traffic

There are three stories in the mostly mainstream media (MSM) about which I am excited – had I more time, I would do posts on each, but there are budding new communities which are beckoning and my attention is drawn there.  But because I find all these stories to be hopeful, I thought I would point them out.

Dick Cheney is the worst of what America has to offer as a politician.  He is deeply corrupt, selecting himself as Bush’s VP candidate when he headed the VP selection committee, giving Halliburton billions in fraudulent Iraq War contracts when he had millions of dollars of their stock (in a blind trust) as VP.   He shoots his friends in the face and then makes them apologize for being in the way.  And of course torturing people.  A practice which demonstrably yields almost no useful information and is ethically reprehensible.



Near the top of my list of disappointments with Obama is that he gave the entire Bush administration a pass on being responsible for their illegal actions.  And after the shocking pictures at Abu Ghraib it seemed like the US was happily willing to forget these “boys being boys” despicable incidents.  Now on the heels a brand new report reminding us how bad Cheney was even the NY Times is calling for an investigation.

One year after legalizing recreational use of marijuana, Colorado has become a lawless hellscape. Tax revenue is up.  Crime is down.  The citizens overwhelmingly approve.  All the dire predictions were wrong.  Just like they were about Portugal’s similar but more far reaching experiment.

You are in the right place

You are in the right place

And finally, the Washington post did a lovely puff piece on our industrious seed business.

seed palace

Commune Snapshots – Sam Acorn

Sam drewssed up

before the party


Sam dirty 2

After Arson clean up


Sam tennis guitar

before her big audition


sam harp better

with her big friend


sam back harp



UVA Rape Protest Trial

I have always wanted to hang a jury.  I have been fortunate that all my court appearances (except the Acorn Arson) have been elective – I chose to get arrested.  But I have never had a real chance to hang a jury, until today.  I have been guilty of dozens of trespass charges against me and I have never argued that point. To hang a jury I need to get at least one positive answer to the question “Has the injustice I am fighting directly impacted at least one member of the jury intimately?”  For nuclear power or a pending war the jury is usually quite removed from these issues.

Today I was on trial for our highly publicized arrests at the UVA fraternities last November protesting their support and participation in rape culture.  Someone on this jury has been touched by this crime.  Some sister or daughter or dear friend has been sexually assaulted and this juror has watched helplessly as their loved ones’ life unraveled.

unlearn rape culture

I desperately wanted to remind this juror of their pain and their frustration with the broken legal system which oppressed their intimate and generally ignores this crime.  I wanted to beg them, in the name of their friend, to see past the trivial trespass and instead see how this court, police and culture helps perpetuate this problem.  I wanted to call for the system to be put on trial, not me.

Tragically, the odds would be heavily in my favor.  Statistically, with twelve jurors, my chances that at least one of them would have gone through this ordeal are nearly 100%.  Sexual assault is endemic in the US and the powers that be are mostly uninterested in addressing it in any meaningful way.

Edmund gets arrested at UVa Fraternity

Edmund gets arrested at UVA Fraternity

Sadly, I did not do it today.  Fighting in the courts is a long and time consuming process.  Judges are quite resistant to cases looking outside the specifics of the charges before them.  And the court fees associated with a failed not guilty plea would exceed $1000 because the defendant must pay the jury stipend.  This is a chunk of change on the commune stipend.    Instead, like my co-defendants I plead guilty and was given 44 hours of community service.  At the trial I read the following statement:

For our non-violent protest against rapes at UVA we were swiftly arrested.  Yet repeated reports of sexual assaults on  campus are ignored by the university and Charlottesville police department.  I plan to do my community service for an organization which is working to address this injustice.

The first time i got arrested I made friends with an impressive man named Louis Corn.  He was in his 70s and had been arrested many times for protest.  When I asked him why, he said “Well, this body is not much good for hard work no more.  But I can still throw it onto an unjust state.”  I don’t do that much hard physical work, but I am looking forward to the day when I can take the chance my inspiring old friend did regularly and try to hang a jury and embolden others to fight for justice.

hang the jury

The Elephant and the Bee

It is busy season.

Most of my days start the same way.  Jah and i find each other somewhere between his blueberry pancakes (he often does a breakfast shift, despite the fact we have no agreement anyone will cook breakfast) and the smoke shack at Acorn.  We go into the seed picking room and stare down a huge collection of orders.  Then, we sort them, taking the smallest ones (typically 5 items or less) and put them in one pile the rest in another.

Now our dance begins. Jah and i spin around the seed picking room, grabbing orders and dodging each other.  Jah is especially good with large orders, strong solid picking.  The nature of small orders is that you are running around the room a bunch and (if you are like me) trying to fill several orders as once, so you can avoid doubling back.

Tiny holes int he system, unpickable seed tracking

Tiny holes in the system- unpickable seed tracking

Jah is the elephant knocking down huge trays of seeds.  I am the bee, buzzing around him and flying around the room.  We move with haste, people get bumped into occasionally and brushed up against all the time, it’s is just what is happening in the busy seed picking office early in the morning. elephantbees We are regulars, but there are lots of people in the picking room these days.  The late night crew picked orders at 2 AM this morning. Aster, Sunshine and Jah were part of that.  Para and Lola were in this morning with us. Picking seeds for orders is the beginning of our order fulfillment process.

Anyone who has worked in the tofu hut (or has studied industrial engineering) knows that the first step of the assembly line is the heartbeat of the entire process.  The full line can’t go any faster.  And the speed of the first step often drives the speed of the entire line.  We want to pick everything that comes in during the say the same day.  This insures that the shippers (who make custom bundles for mailing of our picked orders) are always busy, if there is anything for them to process.  Jah and i are determined to keep the picking room heartbeat thumping right along.

Sales are up.  We are picking and packing much faster (in part because some packing is being done by the new seed packing robot, which some of us are referring to as HAL) than previous years.  Almost all the varieties are in stock.  Ken and Irena and Charlotte are making sure all varieties are packed and ready for us (which is why there are so few numbers on the daily Unpickable Seeds sheets depicted below).  It feels like a well oiled machine.

And it feels like an anarchist Utopian dream.  Almost all the workers are self assigning almost all the time.  There are people, like Irena, Ira, Ken and myself who almost always have tasks which people can help with.  Sometimes we are approached, other times we approach people.  And especially during this season, when everyone is hustling, almost everyone says “yes” most of the time when asked if they can help.    [Ken points out that accountability of task work also helps us maintain quality.  At each step the worker records what they did so that workers further down the chain can gently inform folks earlier in the process about mistakes they made. ]

The structure is almost as flat as it can be. It is trust based, so there are no time clocks.  It is trust based, so no one is telling you to work faster or longer.  It is trust based, so you need to do your own quality control.  It is trust based, so for most people the only person who really knows if you are doing your share is you.  And it all mostly works.

All manner of things are possible, in a trust based system.

All manner of things are possible, in a trust based system.

People work because it is clear there is lots of work to do.  People work because we make most of the money the community needs and uses in these few months.  People work because the work is super pleasant and relaxed and better than any light physical work than anyone ever had before they got here, and there is this distant fear that if we don’t all do our parts here, some of us might end up back there in jobs which were considerably less wonderful. People work because they can stop when they like and switch jobs when they want to.  People work because they want to show up in community as a contributor to this thing that they believe in.

So much smoother than last year.

So much smoother than last year.

Turns out the money thing is not all it is cracked up to be.

Letter to Tom Farrell on the foolishness of the proposed North Anna 3 Nuclear Reactor

Not on our Fault Line:  No New Nuclear Reactor at North Anna

Under designed for earthquakes which have already happened.

Under designed for earthquakes which have already happened.

TO:  Thomas F. Farrell, II, CEO, Dominion Resources

Robert Blue, President, Dominion Virginia Power

Governor Terry McAuliffe

Members of the Virginia General Assembly

Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners

Virginia State Corporation Commissioners

Dear Thomas Farrell, CEO Dominion Resources, Robert Blue, CEO Dominion Virginia Power, Governor McAuliffe, Virginia General Assembly Members, Members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Members of the State Corporation Commission:

On behalf of our members and supporters, we are writing to express our opposition to a third nuclear reactor at the North Anna Power Station in Louisa County, Virginia.  The $10 to $20 billion required to build North Anna 3 would result in major electricity cost increases for residential and business customers when our future electricity needs can be met more effectively through less costly investments in efficiency programs and renewable energy such as solar and wind. Investments in efficiency and renewable energy would create more Virginia jobs and result in a more diverse and resilient electricity generation mix and in lower utility bills than development of North Anna 3.  Furthermore, the construction and operation of this new reactor on an active earthquake fault line would jeopardize the reliability of our electricity service, threaten water resources, endanger public health, and create security risks for the people living in Central Virginia and beyond.

North Anna 3 – Far Too Expensive

While Dominion has declined to provide a cost estimate for the North Anna 3 reactor, Detroit Edison which is proposing to build the same reactor design is estimating more than $10 billion to complete the project.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission only recently approved this reactor design (the GE-Hitachi ESBWR) which has never been built, so billion dollar cost overruns and multi-year construction delays, common in the nuclear reactor industry, are highly likely.  These economic factors put both customers and shareholders at risk.

At a cost of $10 billion, development of North Anna 3 would be the equivalent of more than $2,900 per unit for each of the 3.4 million housing units in all of Virginia, not just Dominion’s service territory.  Most of the jobs associated with development of the North Anna 3 Reactor would be temporary, only during the construction phase, and would be concentrated in just one region of the state. Equivalent, or significantly smaller investments in efficiency, solar and wind would save and/or generate more electricity with longer term jobs and greater economic benefits spread across the entire state.

Risks to Grid Security and Resiliency

The August 2011, 5.8 magnitude earthquake near the North Anna Power Station took the two existing reactors (1,800 MWs of capacity) offline for more than three months. Recent maintenance problems at the two reactors (damaged fuel rods, leaks) suggest that the two reactors are still experiencing problems related to the quake.   A more serious earthquake,  after construction of a third reaction, could take more than 3,300 MWs of power off the grid immediately and indefinitely impact the security and resiliency of our electricity supply.  Alternatively, investment in efficiency and renewable energy provide for distributed generation, not vulnerable to any single natural event like an earthquake or severe storms.  Distributed generation is also far less vulnerable to terrorist attacks or sabotage.

Environmental and Safety Concerns

Building a new reactor on a known active earthquake fault line is a foolhardy, risky decision not only from the standpoint of ensuring a reliable and resilient electricity supply, but from a safety perspective as well.  The 2011 Fukushima accident may represent a worst case scenario, however, any significant reactor accident disrupts the regional economy and risks people’s health and safety for years, even decades.  There are also serious questions regarding the ability of Lake Anna to provide an adequate water supply and cooling capacity for three reactors. The current dam containing Lake Anna needs modernization, and Lake Anna regularly exceeds acceptable temperature limits.

Nuclear waste disposal continues to be a serious problem for the nuclear industry and our nation. Currently, all high level nuclear waste is stored on site at both the North Anna and Surry Nuclear Power Stations.  There are inherent risks associated with onsite waste storage as was demonstrated with the Fukushima accident.   Additionally, the full cost of perpetual maintenance of high level nuclear waste is borne by taxpayers.

Not on our Fault Line:  No New Nuclear Reactor at North Anna

We urge Dominion Virginia Power and the state of Virginia to pursue a clean energy plan which excludes the expansion of nuclear power at North Anna.  The cost of a third reactor at North Anna will likely exceed $10 billion, money that can be invested more wisely in energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Not on Our Fault Line

350 Central Virginia

350 Loudoun

Alliance for Progressive Values

Beyond Nuclear

Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice

Climate Action Alliance of the Valley

eNRG – Energizing Renewable Growth

Friends of the Earth USA

Friends of Nelson

Mothers United Against Uranium Mining

Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)

Peoples’ Alliance for Clean Energy (PACE)
The Rainbow Warriors

Sierra Club-Virginia Chapter

Virginia Organizing

Wild Virginia

Willow is a Teenager

It was about midnight at the fabulous Validation Day party.  Willow and the gaggle of friends who had come up for his 13th birthday were no doubt safe killing zombies or the digital equilvalent somewhere on our 450 acre campus.  Sky and i caught each other between songs on the dance floor.

“Do you have Willow tonight?” i asked

“He does not need us, he is a teenager now.” Sky quipped

And while it was mostly a joke, there was some recgnition that even in the insular world of the income sharing intentional community, our son was becoming more independent, more self reliant and less in need of direct supervision or support from his flock of parents.


Sadly, we retreated from the lovely complex rules of Capture the Flag 2.0.  It was deemed too hard to teach and we were in a hurry to get out into the cold and get playing.

Willow in hot persuit

Willow in hot persuit

Willow’s team won twice before the cold overwhelmed the group.  [Pro tip – attrition.  Wait for the other team to have too many members in jail and then overwhelm their strained defenses.]  This game had lots of running through the woods which makes it easy to wipe out and out maneuver your pursuer.  The kids seemless intergrated in the small handful of Acorners i brought over for the fun.

Willow plus closest friends - almost all commune kids.

Willow plus closest friends – almost all commune kids.

Willows friends almost all either live in the commune now or did at one point.  One of his best friends is Adrian, who left the commune when Willow was 2.  Adrian is now 17 (Willow is 13 if that was not clear).  But like many kids who grow up at the commune, there is some special home like aspect that brings them back to visit and maintain friendships.  A dozen years ago Adrian did child care for Willow.  Now they team up to take on zombies or their digital equivalents via online chat.

The  bunny ears were a gift from Gwen.  Orion and Jonah flank Willow.

The bunny ears were a gift from Gwen. Orion and Jonah flank Willow.

The parents will stick around for a bit longer, in case he needs us for something.

Me guarding Jonah who is inches from the flag.

Me guarding Jonah who is inches from the flag.


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