Chicago again

Ten years ago today i flew out of San Francisco, leaving behind my epic new romance with Diana.  i arrived in Chicago to go to the Casual Furniture Trade Show, where i met up with Hawina to sell hammocks for the commune.  When i arrived in Chicago i called the hammocks office at Twin Oaks and Kristen told me that someone had just flown a plane into the Twin Towers.  I told her it was likely a small plane, remembering that a Cessna or something had hit the Empire State building once. She told me she thought it was something bigger, but i  didn’t believe her.  I then strolled to one of our competitors’ booths and watched the second plane hit.  Flights across the nation were cancelled and the trade show did not happen because buyers could not make it without air travel.

Ten years to the day later i am in Chicago, with Hawina, at the trade show trying to hustle hammocks again.

Product testing is the key to our success

I am very pleased with the group of us that has come out this year.  Benji is Twin Oaks’s marketing wizard and his charming and helpful partner Louisa has done some amazing graphics work for us.  Hawina continues to be competent, proactive and supportive of my many deficiencies. Plus we are bringing out T Gandalfo from Northern Light Hammocks, who is a sales ringer and a hammocks fashion expert.

And this is quite likely the last trade show i– and the community– will ever do in hammocks.  Let’s go out in style.

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2 responses to “Chicago again”

  1. Tikva Bethany Adler says :

    “Product testing is the key to our success” 🙂

  2. Ahnika Delirium says :

    So is the Hammocks business coming to close? Am I understanding correctly that web design & editing have turned into the primary income streams for T.O.? Hope Chi’ town treats you well. Say hello to the Lake for me!
    Love from Babylon (in the Rotten Apple)
    Doing the work, from the belly of the beast.
    Love to You & Yours,
    Ahnika <3

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