December is Begging for Rooms

Angie leaves on the 20th of the month and after almost half a year of ghosting i will have a room of my own, in my favorite building: Tupelo.  The Czech month name for December, translated into English is “begging” so it seemed appropriate to have a descriptive month name for this December as “begging for rooms”, for while i am not pleading for this space, it has been hard on my relationship with Sara and a bit with Willow for me not to have my own space.  [Clarification:  i was in no way forced to give up my room.  i chose to give it up so that Showpony could move out of her lovers room, no one if forced out of their room here, unless they are expelled from the community.]

Of course the more pretentious name for the month would be “begging for justice”. Fourteen members of the Occupy Cville 18 arrestees met last night and discussed our legal strategy.   There were solidarity discussions for one member, Beyonce, who was facing indecent exposure charges and how we could try to get those charges dropped.  Some members of the group could not be at our Dec 16th arraignment.  Sara was brilliant as i have suspected her to be in the Occupy work:  Facilitating, organizing the Mexican pot luck, taking notes, knowing where the missing members of the 18 were and roughly their thinking.  I just bought some Mexican beer and tried not to talk too much.

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