Obelisk – advanced home schooling

“Look there is an obelisk!” Willow pointed down an odd side street in Maastricht.

I wanted to get a picture with us and the stone shape and he obliged me.

“Strange they should have one here” my son wondered out loud, pointing out that there are more popular in the places we are going (Greece and Italy) than here in the north of Europe.

Obelisk in Maastrict NL

“i am not remembering exactly, perhaps they were temples or oracles in ancient Egypt.”

We walked for a while and then he said

“Oh, now I remember – they built Obelisks when ever a new Pharaoh was crowned.”

If we were still at Twin Oaks I would give him “Paxus Education” credit.

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5 responses to “Obelisk – advanced home schooling”

  1. Erik Piper says :

    He definitely has that “I am training for my upcoming crowning” look.

  2. Angie Tupelo says :

    Yeah, Willow’s expression in this is awesome. I’m amazed that sweatshirt still fits him- isn’t that the one he got when we were in Europe in ’08?

  3. Nexus says :

    Obelisks are dildos–after Osiris was cut into 14 pieces and reassembled, one piece was missing, so Isis made a prosthetic phallus to replace the missing piece, and obelisks are meant to commemorate that prosthetic. Including the Washington Monument.

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