Did Anonymous hijack Karl Roves election theft?

Like many US Americans i obsessed about the presidential election polls leading up to the election.  And like many people who were concerned about the lunacy of a Romney presidency, the polls in the days leading up to the election were re-assuring.  Despite Romney’s claims PA was safe, Ohio was slightly leaning towards Obama, Flordia was too close to call.  But there was something like a consensus amongst my poll watch friends that Obama would win.  Unless Romney stole the election electronically.

So if we are to believe the decidedly not mainstream press, Karl Rove did try to steal the election. and it was thwarted by the hacker group Anonymous.   So i chatted with a few of my geeky friends to see if it is even possible to insert a firewall in someone else’s supposedly secure ballot counting software.  Most believed it was completely possible.

So the first thing this revealed is that the Republican owned and controlled corporation SmartTech was responsible for counting the election results in Ohio after the servers crashed in 2004 and in unprecedented violation of statistics, Kerry lost his 6% lead in the exit polls and Bush II won Ohio and the general election.

Jumping back to this month election.  A group of election protection folks offered US$1 million for anyone providing information about efforts to tamper with the US elections. Two days after the election they got a letter from Anonymous detailing there effort to thwart Karl Rove’s efforts, while recognizing the reward, they did not try to claim it saying they were not motivated by money.  At the end of this letter. they imply that they might just give their evidence to Julian Assange.  [Detailed article in Protect Our Elections.org]

Here is Anonymous’s warning to Karl Rove issued two weeks before the election:

Let hope Obama does not let Rove off the hook this time the way he did Cheney and Bush after the 2008 elections.

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2 responses to “Did Anonymous hijack Karl Roves election theft?”

  1. JR Ewing says :

    Karl Rove deserves to have his head on a spike out in front of the White House. This man is a true American traitor.

  2. Charles Huffman says :

    Karl Rove and his co-conspirators need to hang for the treasonous acts.

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