The kettle was his symphony

I’ve returned to Twin Oaks, but it is not the same – one of our Titans has left us.  Jason spent 10 years in working in the tofu business.  He did much of that time as management, but he did all of that time on the floor – the hot, sweaty work of actually turning beans into curbs into blocks of tofu.

Jason is Jethro Curds

Jason is Jethro Curds

He was one of our few triple threats, which means he could honcho kettle, trays and pack – the three main production jobs.  He trained on everything in that hut, including things few others even knew about.  I would come in shortly after 6 AM and he had been there for hours.  Everything was set up for me.  All during his shift he would run around to the other workstations, making sure that everything was running, smashing bottlenecks as they tried to pop up.  He played the kettle like a violin and the hut was his symphony.  No one has worked harder, longer or smarter on tofu in my tenure.  he is missed.

Jason (middle), Tony and Elijah install the floor at the JPJ arena, cville.

Jason (middle), Tony and Elijah install the floor at the JPJ arena, cville.

He had other talents.  He took over the Jone Paul Jones basketball court floor installations and removals.  Continuing a good money gig for the community and the members.

One day Jason will return.  But the kettle will be gone.  Jason (and others) own work on upgrades our tofu production is eliminating this position.  Many years ago, Jason and i did the “John Henry” shift, were we were racing the machines like John Henry did the railroad making machines.  With a little luck the most difficult part of our production day and this machine race will vanish in the next few months.







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