The Tattoo Conspiracy

We need to create a culture in which we are co-conspiring for something greater, something worthy of our potential. This is a reblog from one of my heroes.

Dispatches from Intentional Community

It took less than an hour to permanently transform the skin on my inner wrist into a work of art, but when I reappeared in the kitchen, you’d have thought I’d been gone a week and been re-made by the Witness Protection Program. Edgar, who is 4, was livid, as I knew he would be, that I’d done something new. He freaks out if I wear a shirt he hasn’t seen before. It took an hour to calm him down. Jose was done with his fit by the time I walked in, but both he and Bill were still recovering from the full-out scream-and-throw things episode both boys felt was warranted by my unscheduled trip to the temporary tattoo parlor our visiting friend Mike had set up in the cabin on our property.

As for the tattoo, the word “conspire” took on a whole new meaning when I realized I’d…

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a funologist, memeticist and revolutionary. Can be found in the vanity bin of Wikipedia and in locations of imminent calamity. buckle up, there is going to be some rough sledding.

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