Mud Pit Manifesting

Hawina is the queen bee for the women’s gathering.  One of the thousands of details necessary to coordinate for this amazing event i have never attended is the prepping of the mud pit.

Bara, Hawina, Nani Ganas, Rachel McDonogh, Matous and me in the mud pit

Bara, Hawina, Nani Ganas, Rachel McDonogh, Matous and me in the mud pit

It was an especially nice crew for me.  Willow attended for a while.  Hawina was there, tho somewhat unsuccessful in staying out of the mud breaking up, since her back is bothering her a bit.  Nani and Amy from Ganas are down as interns for the conferences and helped with this work.  Rachel conference intern from McDonogh and her fried Zak helped.  My ex-daughter Bara and her Czech friend Matous are helping with this and the construction at Acorn.

water + work + river mud = fun

water + work + river mud = fun

It took a couple hours of digging up the old mud, pulling out sticks and stones, adding river water and finer mud.  And ultimately we got it into somewhat reasonable shape.  There will likely not be pictures from the actually use of the mud pit on this blog, tho that is by far the best part.  Some times you just have to be there.

many hands make light work

many hands make light work

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3 responses to “Mud Pit Manifesting”

  1. Michael says :

    Awesome! Happy memories of this mud pit and the 2011 Communities Conference.

  2. Jan Haverkamp says :

    Happy to see Bara happy 🙂

    • paxus says :

      She seems to quite enjoy it here. She will move over to Acorn for a while in the beginning of next week and has been doing construction for cash there for the last few days.

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