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Interestingly, as a parent i have never actually read this policy of ours on war toys. Reblogged from the unofficial Twin Oaks Blog

Running in ZK

How does a nonviolent community deal the ubiquity of war toys in the lives of children? Here’s one of a few policies addressing war toys. Super Soakers are specifically banned. This is also a great example of the informal (sometimes annoyingly so) style of Twin Oaks policy.

War Toys Policy (1992)
Revised Child Board Policy on TOYS THAT SHOOT PROJECTILES, CAP GUNS, KNIVES, and SQUIRT GUNS November 18, 1992

Bows and arrows, slingshots of any sort (rubberbands and paper clips, pencils, etc.)  ANYTHING that shoots actual things.
Must be used ONLY • with close adult supervision • for target shooting (not at animal or person) • where the people around are either involved or ok with it • outdoors

CAP GUNS 9/9/93
Based on the input on the proposed cap-gun policy, the CB has decided to ban them for the following reasons: 1. Noise – even…

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One response to “Policy Spotlight”

  1. richard w. lisko says :

    this post reminds me of a great anti war toy movie with robin williams and joan cusack called Toys. it made me want to cry.

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