Is arrogance genetic?

The Star family does monthly family adventures.  Sky, Hawina, Willow and i go off and take a hike, or romp thru a park, or play board games in a cafe and most importantly to Willow, we eat at a Chinese buffet.


Willow at Maymont Park, Richmond VA circa 2013

After some hunting, we discovered a new Chinese buffet in Richmond yesterday and in a rare quiet moment Willow asked me.

“Why dont you like Sushi?”

“i am not into raw fish.” i replied.

“This is a modern myth.” My son instantly retorted.  “Sushi is now made with cooked fish which is served cold.” i was surprised at my 11 year olds understanding of contemporary exotic cuisines.

A few moments later Sky came back and confirmed that sushi is in fact still made with raw fish and then i was surprised by my sons complete willingness to speak confidently about things which he is making up.

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7 responses to “Is arrogance genetic?”

  1. SP says :

    Technically, sushi is sushi because of the cooked rice with vinegar. It can be served with any filling (cooked fish, raw fish, or just veggies) and still be sushi. Raw fish seems to be most common, but there are usually options for folks who don’t care for that idea.

  2. diyarchiveapp says :

    Technically, sushi is sushi just because it’s made with vinegared rice. It can have any filling (raw fish, cooked fish, veggies, fake krab, etc) and still be sushi. Raw fish is most common, but there are usually options for those who don’t care for that idea, especially in American restaurants.

  3. santalorena says :

    Apple, tree, you see the connection.

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