Out of the loop – Jewelry and Guns

My favorite college class to present in is the sociology of deviance – because we are often the first culture students have examined which might be viewed as a positive alternative to the mainstream.  Part of how we are different is that there is basically no crime inside the income-sharing communities i live in.

But this does not stop crime from happening around us (and sometimes to us, as in the recent arson).  A couple weeks back i heard about the rash of robberies which were happening on Yanceyville Road, which nearly abuts Twin Oaks property.  Four armed masked men had broken into houses and taken jewelry and guns. In one case they held the family hostage while they sought their treasure.

Not a common fashion item on the communes

Not a common fashion item on the communes

I thought about how disappointing and potentially dangerous it would be if these criminals showed up here.  They would have tremendous trouble finding either guns or jewelry.  The commune has a single shot gun, which is used for killing the beef cattle, it is locked up almost all the time.  i don’t pay much attention to jewelry, but my guess is that there is little of value here.  It is not something communards tend to spend of their meager earnings on.

And while we do have very occasional robberies, they are most often high school kids, because more mature or experienced criminals recognize that the risk/reward ratio is way out of whack here for their work.  High chances of getting caught, with people staying up all night and lots of people around.  Low chance of getting anything really valuable from these hippies making $7/hour.

How much can we just craft the world we want?

How much can we just craft the world we want?

One of my favorite commune experiences was getting woken up at 6AM from a call by a quick acting member who had stolen the get away car from a group  of kids who were trying unsuccessfully to rob us.  She drove it to Charlottesville and bought herself breakfast with the money in the car.  But that is another story.

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2 responses to “Out of the loop – Jewelry and Guns”

  1. Kon says :

    This doesn’t seem to be about communes, but about having or not having stealable things of value. A commune with trappings of wealth (there are certainly co-housing communities that fall into this category) will be robbed. A single-person home with nothing of value won’t be robbed.

    And a commune such as your own is more likely to attract things happening “to” it, because it’s just an inherently more social place than, say, a typical single-person home.

    On the other hand, a commune can better cope with such events happening, because of all the power and connections of all those people working together. The single person who has an arson event (even as more unlikely as it is for such an event to happen via his relative invisibility) might not have anyone much to turn to to help replenish and rebuild.

  2. Rico ex- aka Richard Feldman says :

    Boy, Yanceyville Road sure isn’t what it used to be (or at least I thought it was).

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