RANDOM SHIT (the life of a packrat artist in community)

Belladonna Took explores the worlds of rescued materials art work inside an intentional community. If you have highly conventional sensibilities, you probably just want to move on past this post. If you think art should be available to all and crafted from what is at hand rather than what must be purchased at a store – dig in here.

"What Would Save The World?" with Took Edalow

Paxus has been asking me to write this for a while.

What is it like to be an artist living in community?

I should first state that I live in an intentional community, or commune, as the out of the know folks call it. Here I must work 42 hours a week doing various tasks. Generally, I answer phones calls from customers with thick accents insisting that “send ’em their dam sweet potatoes” and that I gladly do. Proving that I am more organized than I would generally appear to be.

In this wonderful place I am allowed to live in chaos in my room. I am one of those disgusting pack-artists that needs to save everything. I am a stage 0.01 hoarder.


My partner asked “why do you need this? It looks like garbage. ”

“Why wouldn’t I need it?!” I replied. “I could do so many things with…

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