Community Slide Show – Heroes and Unicorns

Finley and Linus are middle Unicorns

Finley and Linus are middle Unicorns

L to R - Anja, Tina, Linus, Zadek, Stephanie, Elan

L to R – Anja, Tina, Finley, Linus, Zadek, Stephanie, Elan

The camera loves Anja

The camera loves Anja

And the other way around

And the other way around

Heroic Boys - Evan, Willow and Zadek

Heroic Boys – Evan, Willow and Zadek

Heroic Gal - Kaya perhaps crazed

Heroic Gal – Kaya perhaps crazed

Zadek and i are the two cross overs.  The younger home schooling program at Twin Oaks is called Unicorns. Kid as young as Elan from Acorn (age 1) come and as old as Zadek (7?).  There is a lot of sandbox, drawing and playing-with-toys time as well as read-aloud books, words for the day and simple reading & writing exercises.  Christie (an accepted Acorn visitor who has not arrived yet) put it most flatteringly.

I’ve been to dozens of pre-schools and day care situations, Unicorns is the only one which is doing it right.

Heroes is the fantasy role playing home education system that i am the games master of. I play this game with Zadek, Kaya, Evan, Willow and Rowan (ages 7 thru 17).  They adventure similarly to a Dungeons and Dragons game, but when they role poorly for the outcome of an event, they can get another role by answering a question right.  In the last game, Rowan’s character (Pesca the fallen god) actually died because Willow did not know what the Prohibition was (Evan did, but that was not enough to save him).  Kaya’s character (named Sapphyre) was about to be married to Pesca, so she followed him to heaven so they could hang there.  It is that kind of game.

[Edited by Judy Youngquest] (Past homeschool mom of 2 daughters from birth until they entered college.)

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