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Despite the hours a day i spend online, i am largely a pop culture media bimbo.  Until i saw this slap down, i was unaware that the pop song i had heard in the car had a highly offensive video.  i take some pride in only being aware of the satire and not the original, which i can full imagine from the cut up was crass and degrading.

One of the places with the most horrific women’s rights crisis is India.  There is a 30% female infanticide rate, honor killings and until recently largely unpunished gang rape. Feminists in India are stepping up with one of the most potent device in the propagandists tool box: satire.

Part of what i love about this following video is that it is a beautiful bilingual presentation.  Aware that some of her audience are more comfortable and comprehensive in Hindi than English, activist and actress Mallika Sherawat flows between the languages while clearly being enraged.  What is also clear is the nationalism she is fighting is as bad as the sexism.

Sometimes your entry on the world stage comes when they put a bullet into your head and you survive.  Malala Uousafzai beat the odds of the Taliban assassination attempt and became the youngest person ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  More importantly, she has leveraged her moment of media attention into a autobiography, high profile interviews (like this link to an interview on the Daily Show) and an enduring non-profit designed to bring educational opportunities to girls and young women in Pakistan.

These videos were all taken from a longer brilliant retrospective article from an online rag i have never heard of called PolicyMic.

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5 responses to “Brilliant Feminist Videos”

  1. Abigail says :

    Nice post. You may want to change the first line though. Referring to yourself as a “bimbo” (a term used to insult women for their lack of intelligence) may not be the best lead for a feminist post. Just sayin.

    • paxus says :

      i was thinking i would reclaim it, so that it could be gender neutral. In my feminist world, everyone can be a bimbo – or at least me.

  2. Nexus says :

    Paxus, is that first video really the kind of message you really want to be endorsing?

    “While Thicke’s song never talks about actually hurting or forcing anything on a sexual partner, the Girls’ song EXPLICITY does. The lines “let me emasculate you” and “castrate” you are wholly immature and strip any credence from the discussion of sexual equality.” –from this blog post:
    I recommend reading this essay for a different take on this song and the parody.

    • coloredstatic says :

      YES I AGREE WITH NEXUS! I thought the castration part and all of that take away from sexual equality. Thats fucking awful. Saying that women in the middle east shouldn’t be genetically mutilated, but its totally okay for feminists to say men should be “castrated” I know it is a joke here, but still something to think about.

    • coloredstatic says :

      YES I agree with Nexus. I think the castration line makes me think there is some huge double-standard. The “circumcision” of women in some countries is pretty much considered to be not funny. How is that different from making jokes about castrating men?

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