The Playground of Death

One of the best parts of commune life for me is the kids.  i’ve just started doing primaries with Kaya.

At playground of death and rebirth - Circa today

At playground of death and rebirth – Circa today

I have not let myself laugh for a long time, like i did today when Kaya was tickling me.  We wrestled in the cuddle loft at Tupelo until i finally carried her to her room where she reluctantly got dressed because of the cold and we set off for the playground of death and rebirth.

tire swing at playground of death and rebirth

Tire swing at playground of death and rebirth

As perhaps you have guessed, this playground has had a name change.  Keenan who is the architect of this giant playground made it almost completely of scavenged materials. It was originally called “The Playground of Death”.  But some grumbled that this was falling into the trap of violent and disparaging themes.  So in that type of awful compromise we sometimes reach around here, it was changed to the Playground of Death and Rebirth. After a significant fire in 1957 at the Windscale reactor complex in the UK it was renamed Sellifield.  No one was killed at the Playground of Death and i am not aware of anyone being reborn there, but we changed the name anyway.

Kaya and dog Russell

Kaya and dog Russell

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  1. moonraven222 says :

    I’ve definitely enjoyed times at ‘the playground of death and rebirth’. But I strongly suspect that the next to last sentence in your post (about the reactor in the UK being renamed Sellifield…) doesn’t belong here.

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