The member called Quigley, Hazel, Cabbage, Olive, Bamboo and sometimes Katie

Katie came to Twin Oaks with a common enough name.  She had a naming party and we came up with Charlie, which she liked and embraced.  But tragically and slightly predictably, her name was quite close to another members name and they were unhappy about the new choice.

Original name suggestions for Hazel's naming party

Original name suggestions for Hazel’s naming party

Charlie is an accommodating type of person.  She did not want an existing member to be inconvenienced by her choice.  She switched her name back.  Only it was too late.  Oh most people stopped calling her Charlie, but not all of them back to Katie.  And her name dropped into a free fall.  Some members started calling her Olive.  Others Cabbage.  I joined a few members in calling her Hazel, which had been a naming party second choice.  Her close friend 3 decided to restart calling her Quigley. Lori prefers Bamboo.

Last three names.

Last three names. She was almost Hazel

I talked with Hazel today.  She does not want to inconvenience the community by changing her name too quickly.  She thinks in a few weeks or perhaps months might take on Hazel, but she might be called all manner of things, for the indefinite future.

Winooski, Hazel and 3 in ZK kitchen

Winooski, Hazel and 3 in ZK kitchen

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  1. SC Safira Fisher says :

    I’m still going to call her Dove … She’ll know why! Please give her a big hug from me? Thank you! 🙂

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