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A British racing green jaguar convertible sports car pulled up next to me as I was hitching outside Boston. I am surprised to see the door of the expensive vehicle pop open and the driver wave me over.

“Come on get it!”

“Thanks I needed a ride from here” I hop into the leather bucket seat.

“Where do you want to go? My wife says I am too drunk to be home”

"You can't have any more, if you have not yet had any."

“You can’t have any more, if you have not yet had any.”




Some years later I was driving in Los Angeles and picked up one of the quite rare hitchhikers inside the city limits.

“Thank you so much, I have been waiting there all day and I just got out of jail.”

In case you are unfamiliar with prison culture it is considered poor form to ask an excon what they were in the slammer for. If they want you to know, they will tell you. So assuming you are familiar with the culture, this statement (and the following lack of clarification) is basically saying, “i need you to trust me right now, and I am not giving you much info on why you should.”

hitchiker prsion roadside

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3 responses to “Exactly the wrong thing to say – Hitching Stories”

  1. danceeternal says :

    While I no nothing but rumors of prison culture, in this story, your hitchhiker has just gotten out of jail. Perhaps the different jails we’ve been to have different cultures, but in my experience “so, what are you in for?” is usually the first question out of someone’s mouth when you meet them inside — even before “what’s your name?”

    • danceeternal says :

      Er, um, can’t edit comments, huh? Please forgive my embarassing grammatical error.

    • paxus says :

      Certainly possible. And i am mostly not put in general population because they often dont want organizers in with the folks in there not because they were arrested in front of television cameras holding a sign.

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