Corporate Art

Between Point A and speaking at schools and selling hammocks i am traveling a bunch these days.  This week i am in Tarrytown NY for an unusual fall craft show for the hammocks business (usually people dont buy hammocks in the fall, but this is a good fair for us generally so we thought we would try it).  We are staying in a Marriott.

There are several nearly identical pieces like this o the ground floor

There are several nearly identical pieces like this on the ground floor

I wonder about this piece.  Is it an effort to get folks in the hotel comfortable with the idea of endless clearcuts (there are about 6 of these installations in a row on one long halfway)?  Some manager decided that instead of having live plants in the same locations in large planters, they could save money on watering by going with this faux natural look?

i would the first to admit that i have minimal aesthetic sensibility. But it strikes me that there is something wrong here.


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  1. Kelpie says :

    An interior decorator looked at the window dressing and the wood and just continued the visual lines. And made something kind of ridiculous.

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