Within 2 years, Deutsche Bank says rooftop solar will be the cheaper option for everyone

While the forecasts are interesting, what i did not realize was that solar was already at grid parity in 10 US states.

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4 responses to “Within 2 years, Deutsche Bank says rooftop solar will be the cheaper option for everyone”

  1. keenan says :

    I like reading good news. The growth of solar has the potential for vast changes to contemporary culture–all of them good. Not the least of which is no more blood spilled for oil.

  2. Will says :

    I imagine “grid parity” refers to payoff over the life of the installed product, which might be a period of 10-20-30 years. I’m looking forward to when the payoff happens in a shorter period of time, so people don’t have to make an intimidating up-front investment — which might also be soon!

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Will:

      What is exciting is that there are investment models where you dont have to have the heavy up front money as a household. A service company comes in, installs the panels, you pay a fixed fee (which is at grid rates) and they make money on their investment.

      The lower solar goes (especially in places like CA) the more common this will become.

      Paxus at Twin Oaks

  3. ~~BB says :

    You report on a very encouraging and positive trend.

    Unfortunately, the big problem w solar (for off grid systems [or as I prefer to term them> non-matrix systems] is not cheap collectors, its storage. Solar energy storage systems charge slowly & the storage is sub-optimal in the sense that it is expensive, heavy and has relatively short useful life.

    The big news for solar will be the affordable/practicable battery/storage system. It seems an elusive goal, but a goal that we will eventually achieve IMHO.

    When energy is cheap, non polluting, portable and available to nearly all I believe the effect will be one of the greatest liberating events of civilization.

    Another scenario for the energy endgame (and one that I personally am looking forward to) is having a Mr. Fusion 3000 in my car that runs on tossed in banana peels, used aluminum cans and junk mail.

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