Comparing the opinion polls; why NEI gets it so wrong

Sometimes having a lot of money and an incredible PR machine is not enough to keep people fooled. This won’t stop the nuclear industry from trying however.


Digging into the Gallup poll shows Americans' energy priorities: clean energy. Digging into the Gallup poll shows Americans’ energy priorities: clean energy.

Every Spring, Gallup conducts a poll on energy issues and the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) usually does so too–and usually tries to beat Gallup to the punch so that it can tout its numbers first.

Not surprisingly, the NEI numbers somehow always show large public support for nuclear power.

Perhaps surprisingly, Gallup and NEI use the same basic polling question on nuclear power. But they tend to come up with very different numbers. And never have the numbers been more divergent than this year.

Gallup’s poll was released today, and showed support for nuclear power at its lowest level since 2001–the overall low point for nuclear since Gallup began regularly asking the question. According to Gallup, 51% of the American people “strongly favor or somewhat favor the use of nuclear energy as one of the ways to provide…

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One response to “Comparing the opinion polls; why NEI gets it so wrong”

  1. MILO says :

    polls and statistical analysis are marketing tools using ‘fuzzy math’ to influence opinion. not to learn or record opinion. that’s not just my opinion. the process was explained to me by my employee who had just gotten her marketing degree.

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