The Farm to Fast Food Connection

We are not interested in simple solutions. The problems we are facing are complex and interlocking, simple fixes can not address this systemic mess. This article links articles links current fast food workers with developing world displaced farmers in making the argument for a living wage.

An argument which seems now to some as preposterous to most as the idea of gay marriage or legal recreational marijuana seemed just a few years back. Dont doubt what is possible.

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  1. Tina says :

    The poverty comparison doesn’t compare. If I were making as much here in Ecuador as a current min wage fast employee I’d be considered rich. Typical wage here for a day of heavy labor in the blazing sun- 13. FOR THE ENTIRE 8 HOUR DAY. Although those workers DO get a not fast food lunch and 2 hour lunch break. And a month of vacation is expected every year.
    To those who can read and live in developing countries a 15. an hour min wage seems like a dream, it’s too much to ask…. So, is this now the American dream?! To somehow immigrate to the US, by hook or by crook, and earn in an hour what it takes a full day to earn in our country!?

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