Too cheap to meter? Not nuclear–solar!

Austin locks in solar power a $0.04/kwh – we have not seen prices like this since the 1960s


Chinese_solar_roofsThe nuclear power industry certainly rues the day the concept that atomic electricity would be “too cheap to meter” entered the public’s mind. The phrase has become inextricably linked with nuclear power, but not in the way its creators envisioned: instead of as a success story, it has become a symbol of nuclear power’s economic failure.

“Too cheap to meter” too quickly became “too expensive to use” and “too costly to build.”

So the headline above is offered with some trepidation and a grain of salt; over-promising on solar power will prove no more beneficial than it was for nuclear.

Still, the comparison is obvious. As giant nuclear utilities seek new ways to game the system and bleed ratepayers for every penny they can–whether or not those ratepayers have any anything left to bleed–to prop up reactors that produce electricity normal people simply can’t afford and shouldn’t have to pay…

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2 responses to “Too cheap to meter? Not nuclear–solar!”

  1. adelord says :

    FYI anyone who uses “too cheap to meter” is simply ignorant of technological advances over the last 10 years. Advances in metering technology is rapidly outpacing advances in energy production.

    • paxus says :

      Dearest Adelord: I had great hope for advanced metering technology some years back, but many utilities have managed to make this technology slave to their dirty fuel agendas.

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