Boston Area Workshops March 19th

If you have friends or allies in the Boston/Cambridge area, I recommend two workshops on Intentional Community:

  • Community in Crisis: How to Manage and Mend – 1 PM (Facebook Event)
  • Community as the Solution to Climate Change – 3:30 PM (Facebook Event)

Saturday March 19 at MIT Room 13-4101.105 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge Mass

It’s a short walk from the Kendall Square Subway Station.

Residential intentional communities both represent a solution to major problems facing humanity and work with some of our most complex interpersonal dynamics. These two workshops examine how to navigate some of these troubles and what fixes communities are offering the greater society.

These two workshops are open to the general community, though the first workshop (Community in Crisis) is especially applicable for members of cooperative houses and co-housing communities.

Community in Crisis: How to Manage and Mend

Invariably, communities will experience conflicts and interpersonal problems and occasionally these are quite serious. This workshop looks at different types of critical problems that have hit communities, especially ones where the cohesion of the membership is threatened, and looks at best practices for managing them. How do you avoid putting members on trial? What are the trigger words that escalate conflicts and how do we communicate effectively and avoid them? How do you use shuttle diplomacy before mediation to lower tension? How do you know when the whole group is involved or when it can be managed by a smaller sub-group? When is it clear the group needs to break up/change composition to make things better?

Once you are on the other side of a crisis, what can be done to rebuild trust and intimacy? How do you harvest knowledge from the problem to avoid repeating it in the future?

This interactive workshop will use role plays and case studies to explore different approaches to the art of building community harmony.

Presented by Paxus from the Point A project.

fifth sacred thing

Intentional Community as a solution to Climate Change

Central to the problem of climate disruption is idle material resources. The UN IPCC recommends an 80% reduction in carbon footprint by 2050, yet no industrial nation is on track for this level of reduction. In central Virginia the members of income sharing communities are living middle class (or some might argue upper middle class) life styles while outperforming this target reduction. The secret to their success is radical resource sharing.  

The  Twin Oaks Community represents over 100 people sharing cars, clothes, income, businesses, buildings, and bicycles and thus dramatically reducing their per person climate effect. This lifestyle is also culturally rich, economically sustainable, and mutually supportive.

This workshop will begin with a presentation on the sharing technologies which underpin these village economies and how the members maintain the trust needed. The second portion of the workshop is interactive and will explore how urban dwellers, including workshop participants, can foster sharing systems in urban environments.  

Paxus Calta manages recruiting and outreach for Twin Oaks community. He is coordinating the Point A campaign to spark new high model-value communities inside the five boroughs of NYC. He has fought nuclear reactors in eastern Europe, hitchhiked across the Pacific on sailboats, and smuggled monks out of Tibet.  


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