RNC – What could go wrong?

The petition is only one week old and it has garnered 50K signatures.  It is the Change.org petition to make the Republican National Convention in Cleveland an open carry zone.  This means anyone with a legal gun is permitted to carry and display their firearm.


Guns + booze + Trump supporters + fanatical Christians + Protesters  + massive media

If you have ever been to a political convention, one of the things which is very common is the consumption of alcohol.  Many people who come are working or celebrating hard.  Some are drinking because they are excited about their candidate’s success.  Others are drinking because it now seems their candidate can’t win.  And this RNC is holding its fingers on the amplifier knobs with the prospect of Trump having the nomination stolen from him in the second ballot.  There will be a lot of drinking in Cleveland.

booze drinkers.jpg

Bars are open late in Ohio

Ohio is an open carry state (though the Quicken Loan Arena is exempted).  All three top Republican candidates are actively pro-gun, one of whom is the Governor of Ohio who could influence this circumstance.

What could you add to a sharply divided group of gun carrying strongly opinionated people?  That would be thousands of protesters and a bunch of poorly trained riot cops (who can’t train because their riot gear is late).

Thousands march through Manhattan to protest police violence

There will likely be many protests in Cleveland.

What could go wrong?



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  1. IntentionalMama says :

    Wow. This is terrifying. I’m not sure I believe in banning all guns everywhere, but one thing I feel pretty certain about is that guns should never be at political arenas, (democrat, republican, or other). Too many intoxicated people with extreme devotion or attachment to their ideas. Why do these folks feel the need to have their guns at the RNC anyway? Just for fun?

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