Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Trump, as expected, has nominated an extreme right wing judge for the Supreme Court  (to replace the conservative judge who died about a year ago, and republicans refused to even have a hearing for Obama’s replacement nominee, and even said if Clinton won they would stall for another 4 years).    

We have all seen Trump’s many horrifying and illegal executive orders in just these first weeks.  

Trump Travel Ban Seattle

The ACLU and many others are fighting these outrages in court, and 2 federal judges have issued restraints.   

But if Trump gets a Supreme Court willing to CHANGE the LAWS  (like they did with the “Citizens United” case),  there would be no way to stop Trump’s horrifying and currently illegal assaults.

With 4 extreme conservatives already on the court, Judge Neil Gorsuch’s hyper-ideological and partisan leaning would complete a Supreme Court rubber stamp for Trump’s assaults on the Constitution.  

That is why I consider this Supreme Court nomination to be the most important issue of the next 4 years.


Gorsuch has shown a consistent bias in favor of the interests of corporations over those of the workers, consumers, and the public.

And he has ruled in favor of the Right’s growing national efforts to bastardize the core First Amendment freedom of religious liberty and reinterpret it as a right to discriminate.    

He is basically against all that liberals have worked for decades to create.                                                     

Whether Democrats are willing and able to block this nominee will determine the future of what is legal in our country for decades.

The Supreme Court is the only legal check on Trump and the Republicans.   

Everything from immigration law, to environmental law, to human rights, to reproductive rights, and anything else that gets in the way of Trump and the Republicans’ horrifying agenda, is at stake!  

Senator Merkley (D-OR) has committed to fight this in every way possible, which mostly means filibustering.  

Please call your senators to demand that they support Merkley’s filibuster!

Of course the Republicans will threaten to outlaw filibusters.  But if the Dems back down, then that would make filibusters useless to them anyway since the Republicans will keep using that threat.  So Dems should not just give up!  There are Republican Senators who do not want to destroy the filibuster rule.   Better to filibuster to try to stop Trump’s nominee, and hope a few Republican Senators will refuse to destroy the filibuster rule.  It would only take 3, and all the Democrats.  


Google Senate contact and check your state for phone or website.

Call Democrats, and include to not back down in the face of Republican threats to change the filibuster rule.   Democrats tend to back down when Republicans push hard, so we need to swamp them with messages.             

Call moderate Republicans too, we need a few of them to not change the filibuster rule.  

If you cannot get through to Washington offices, use websites, or call offices in state cities, ask if they relay messages to the washington office (they probably do)

If in Virginia, Especially call Warner, who is more likely to give in to republican pressure.  

Phone numbers for VA  US Senators are:

Warner: DC (202) 224 2023 or Richmond (804) 775 2314                             

Kaine: DC (202) 224 4024 or Richmond (804 771 2221

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3 responses to “Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee”

  1. Eric Collins says :

    Opposing the nominee is one thing. Fillibustering is another. The GOPers were wrong to deny Obama’s nominee a hearing last year. It was destructive to our institutions of government and set a new low in partisanship. But if the Dems filibuster now, the GOP may change the Senate rules and allow a simple majority to nominate. That would be yet another new low and further hurt our system of checks and balances going into the future. We have to pick our battles carefully in this climate. There will probably be another court opening in the next four years and that would be the battle I would pick. The public is watching the antics on the right, and I think its best for the left to provide an alternative that will look more and more appealing as the Trump crap continues. And that’s to provide an example of what good government looks like. I fear the alternative is a further erosion of what has made our system of governance last as long as it has.

    • Shal Loeser says :

      I did not notice this till now, or I would have responded earlier.
      The Republicans were certainly wrong to deny Obama’s nominee, and to stonewall him throughout the last 6 years of his term. And I do not like the parties going at each other in blocking ways. But even worse than the obstructing going both ways would be the Democrats just letting the Republicans completely take over the last of the branches of our government and so be able to have completely free reign to change the legal structure of our nation. The current nomination is more important than the next, because it would cause a right wing a court majority while right wing also controls congress and the presidency. 5 to 4 wins just as effectively as 6-3. If the Republicans have all the power, they will not have to care what the people think. Has it occurred to you that if the Republicans get too much power there might not be another election?
      In my opinion in the past the Dems have gone too far in trying to set a good example, it just gets them, and the voters who elected them, kicked in the teeth by the Republicans over and over again. This nomination is pivotal to our future, and I see no point to “saving” the filibuster for a future fight, when the republicans would just again threaten to kill the filibuster.
      I want the Dems to fight this one, even at the risk of losing.
      If they cave, they will lose for sure.
      If they fight, they are likely to lose, but might win if 3 moderate Republicans chose to not kill the filibuster. Even a small chance is better than none.

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