Slip Trip – When the GPS sends you astray

It has happened to almost everyone who drives these days.  You put an address into your phone with the expectation that it is going to take you some where, and your phone has different ideas.

Oh, it might be your fault when you selected Hemlock Way, instead of Hemlock Expressway.  More frustratingly, it could be that your multi-billion dollar internet miracle combined with sophisticated free sat nav software have sent you someplaceyou have not interest in going to.  I call this a slip trip.


Is the aquarium this way?

There is not a word in common usage for this situation, but i am hoping to coin it here.  A slip trip is when ever you end up someplace you were not expecting by following instructions from a navigation system.

Abigail and i were hoping to go to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.  We faithfully followed the instructions we were given to get out of Santa Cruz, but quickly found ourselves in the slightly post apocalyptic dreamscape of Fort Ord.

There were dozens of boarded up buildings and even more that wished they were.  I jumped to thinking about how these buildings so close to the ocean could be turned into communities.  Later I would learn the compete lack of water and the over abundance of asbestos made these fantasies inaccessible.

Part of the Slip Trip experience is how you respond to this once you discover that it is happening to you.  I have argued in the blog for nimble emotions around getting lost.  Your GPS simply reroutes and keeps heading on it’s way.  You could do the same.

More common is people getting upset, either at their machine or at themselves or sometimes both.  There is little upside here.  Perhaps it is gratifying to curse at your software, but not so secretly you know, if you are on a Slip Trip, most of the time it is because you messed up somehow.

The slip trip invites you to make your unforecasted destination and adventure.


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