Help Twin Oaks Grow

We are launching a capital campaign in hopes of buying the neighboring 105 acres.  There is a crowd funding appeal which can be found here.

If Twin Oaks has ever been a significant influence on you, I would encourage you to contribute to this campaign which is helping with the opportunity and problems we face regarding this neighboring land.   For more on this see the following video.

If you have things of value which can be auctioned off for the communities 50th-anniversary celebration, please contact

These could be as simple and immediate like a leather coat or as elaborate as a romantic getaway which is catered by scruffy hippies (which is one of the premiums which is one the crowd funder already, here at the Twin Oaks retreat cabin).

And if you can’t contribute in any of these ways, consider sending this post on to a friend who you know thinks fondly of us and might be willing to help.


40th dancing

Spoon?, Thea, Elsa, Alex, Luuk, Kele and Robert dancing at 40th anniversary 

Help as you can.


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