High End Auction Items – Sat 2 PM deadline

Ira often has good ideas, too many for a single person really, which is perhaps part of why she lives in communes so there are more hands to manifest her ideas.  When i showed her the fingerbook for the benefit auction, she said “Is there anyway from people to bid online?”

This is a great idea, and  major headache.  The benefit auction to help us buy the neighboring land

The auction is in less than 36 hours and there is nothing online.  And as fun as it is to sell things at the auction, we really need to make money for this campaign, so i am going to do this very fast online offer for some of the larger items.  If you want to place a bid for these you can send it to me at paxus (at) twinoaks.org.  Please put “Auction Bid” in the subject line.    Anything described and depicted in the first link is available, but i want to draw your attention to these larger items.

A very cool small briefcase made out of old Coke cans.

case of cans

Case of cans back

There is a very fancy handmade leather, brass and antler suit case, one of a kind.  Minimum bid $800.

antler case

antler case closed

A local concert by Twin Oaks own star musician Devon (see first link on this post for restriction).

Devon singing

A lovely saxophone


A sound Healing Session in CVille – See details in first link.

sound healing session

If you want to participate in this auction email me your bid (and perhaps how high you might go if someone else bids over you).

Maybe i will update this page.










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    Pax, you should post the auction and crowd funding to Southern Seeds mail list. Tina

    Tina Marshall


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