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Customs Confusion

The organizer’s prerogative is to travel light.  You don’t need to bring everything if you can talk others into lending or giving it to you.  They might do this in service of the revolution or because you are cute or pathetic.

Pack Light

Pack Light

I was coming back from a tour of Europe.  The customs agent was looking at my small handbag.

“How long have you been traveling in Europe?” he asked.

“Three weeks,” i confessed

“Where are the rest of your bags?” says the skeptical border control agent.

“This is all i have,” i said, again confessing.

“I don’t believe you,” says the guard and there is this impossible moment which flashed between the two of us.

I put my hands across my chest and look curiously at the agent, asking, “What are we going to do about that?”

The agent waves me through.

deport stamp

Traveling Light

“Where are the rest of your bags?” The Customs officer asked me.

“I dont have any.” i replied looking over my single tiny carry on, coming back from a month of traveling in Europe.

“I dont believe you.” He informed me.

“What are we going to do about that?” i asked with a mild level of irritation.  Unable to manifest additional luggage to satisfy his expectation of how i am supposed to be traveling.

[Circa 2008]

One New Years i made a resolution not to pack when i went on trips, as in dont bring any bags with me.   Subsequently, i took only a cell phone and its charger in my pocket, a wallet, a toothbrush and some condoms out for a 2 week trip to the West Coast.  i bummed clothes from my various friends and returned with a day pack of stuff i had scrounged.  As many peoples friends are, mine were generous with their clothing and we have amused conversations about which of their many things i might take with me on my journey.

I have a bag this time, but i still travel pretty light. Currently i have 2 shirts and a pair of pants, a laptop without a charger, the most recent Malcolm Gladwell book, an extreme Sudoku magazine and some unfinished post cards from Atlanta.

So far i have not felt the need for more of anything, and it is great to be able to carry all my stuff so easily.